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COMPANY FORMATION - Starting a Business

The cost of the service for COMPANY FORMATION is $350. includes:

 – Registration of a Legal Entity;

 – Obtaining a Tax Number (EIN);

 – Form W-9;

 – Brief Consultation (Business Expenses).

  Paid separately:

 – State Fee;

 – Selection and registration of the Entity Classification Election with IRS, the cost is $ 75.

 – If you need to have a business address for registration in Florida, which can be used for tax returns filings, the cost is $ 85. per current calendar year.

  Required Information:

  – Desired Name for the Company (2-3 unique options)

  – Name and Last name of all Founders/Owners

  – Email Address

  – Mailing Address

  – US Phone Number

  – Field of Activity (for Tax Perspective) 

  – SSN

  – If there is no ssn, also the Mailing Address in the Country of Citizenship


  Photo ID (US driver’s license or US visa) 




– C Corporation  

C corporation is a separate legal entity, so its owners or shareholders have no personal liability for the company’s obligations. The corporation is taxed on its income, and shareholders also must pay taxes on any dividends or income they receive.

– S Corporation  

S corporation is a separate legal entity, but it differs in that while shareholders are taxed on income they receive from the company, the corporation itself is not taxed. However, a company must meet strict legal requirements to qualify as an S corporation. Both C and S corporations offer good asset protection.

– Partnership     

Members report income and deductions related to the business on their individual tax returns

– Sole-Member 

Disregarded as an entity separate from its owner.


CORPORATION (Inc, Corp ..)    

– C Corporation  

– S Corporation


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